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July 10th
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Aug 5th (almost done!)
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October 2nd
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November 4th
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January 1st
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February 15th
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July 14th
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Junk Page

Well folks, It's been a long time since my last update. I got some serious flak from lots of readers who wanted updates. But I've been too busy to do anything but work. I finaly got a job up in Gainesville Florida! So I'm back in College town again! But this time i'm making some good money. I have done so many things on FourBanger that it's hard to pick up where I left off. What makes it even harder is that I lost ALL my pictures and documents that I have ever had on my computer for the last 5 years! I lost EVERYTHING. This was a serious lesson for me. I will never trust a computer again. From now on, I will use a Tape Backup Drive to mirror my hard drives. It took me weeks to pick through the pieces of lost pictures and somewhat reassemble this site from the ashes.
So the word of the day is "Tape Backup Drive". If you have valuable info on your puter, Get one! Cause it will happen to you some day.

Ok, anyways, on with the story!

I finally uploaded some sound files!!! Check 'em out on my new web page:

First thing that I must mention is that I have a new mechanical oil pressure gauge and have mounted it along with the Ford Motorsport Boost gauge, on the pillar arm on the drivers side. Take a look! One thing I have to do is paint the chrome around the oil gauge black. I can't stand the glare comming off that thing durring the day. But it does work great and it's easy to see way up there.
boost and oil gauges

All the A/C hardware is completely gone from the interior and I have finally gotten control of the wires under the dash. I have even fixed the windshield wiper to work! RainX sucks if thats all you have. It just is a pain to keep applying. Soo, I got my wiper working.


Above, you can see the dash and what used to be the radio mounting location. I have made two aluminum plates to cover both the radio hole and the center A/C vent hole. They will both have aircraft switches in them to control boost and some other stuff.

Below you can see my almost finished interior. I have to put on the steering colom plastic and I am going to make a square block to go around the bottom of the shifter and seal it completely. The E brake works great with the new 8.8 rear end. Everything works perfect. Cause I built it that way! LOL

Get In

Here's my new pad! There's my motorcycle, Fourbanger, and Rob's original 84 turbo 4cyl mustang. My '90 Vortech'd 5.0 isn't up here yet. I left her down in Ft. Lauderdale till I get set up and all moved in.
Not a bad place for the money, but does require a little green thumb touch. I'm working on it.

new pad

Take a look at the next picture. Notice anything thats out of order???
That's right, the Vane Air Meter is now "inline" and AFTER the Turbo! It is now a "Blow Through" Vane Meter. I had to recalibrate the meter in order for it to work after the turbo and still meter air properly. Now that it's after the turbo, guess what; I was then able to hook up my bypass valve to work as a BLOW OFF Valve! That thing is LOUD!!! It sounds like a tire exploding! When I drive down the street and boost her up, then let off the gas, I can get people 1/8 mile away to turn around to see what happened. LOL. It's funny to do and I haven't gotten bored of it yet.

vane meter

Below is my Accel Super Coil. That thing is pretty bad. I don't recomend touching it. Ouch!


For a little technical info,,
I had to change sparkplug brands from Autolite to NGK. I was just having too many problems with the Autolite plugs. They would crack, melt, and just go bad for no reason. I now use NGK #8 plugs. I haven't had one problem with them yet.

I drive FourBanger every day and beat the snot out of her. She just begs for more. At least that's the message I get from her. LOL.
The ported cylinder head is great. It doesn't smoke or leak one bit. It felt like it made a little difference too. She sure does purr at an idle now. I get full boost @ 2700 rpm and am shifting out of first by about the third pop from the factory rev limiter (6250).

side view

Here's a facefull of my intercooler that some people say doesn't work. HaHa! Still working.
I'm planing on cutting a rectangle out of the front bumper cover and cover it with some black screen or metal grid to help get more air to the intercooler. A little more won't hurt. LOL.


Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to PROJECT SKUNK WORKS. Information is being kept under high security and out of the hands of the "NAY-SAYERS".  The only picture being released at this time is the one below. It is the trunk of FourBanger. There is no more information about this project being released this month. More info will follow as it is declassified.
This is gona be sooo cool! Wait'll you see what I have planned.
And NO, it isn't speakers. LOL.


Stay Tuned!!! I'm Back and ready to rumble!!!