This page is the starting page of my archive. Basically the day I bought my mustang and started the process of making it one bad, custom, Turbo 2.3
It all started some time around October of 1999 and January of 2000. I'll have to check the bill of sale to be sure.

Have fun reading........


My Turbo 2.3 Mustang

    This is my 1985 Mustang that I bought that was rotting away behind this guys shed for $200. It came with no motor or transmission and was filthy, but I had plans from the start to install a turbo charged 2.3 liter Ford engine.

This is what I started with.

This is the first day I had my new car. The rims had to go!

    The very first thing that I had to do to this thing was loose those nasty, grandma rims. So I borrowed a set of spare rims and tires from my friend Greg (thanks mang). I later installed a set of ten hole rims off of my deceased 1985 Mustang that had Pep Boys 265/50/15 rears and Goodyear Eagle GT 225/60/15 fronts. It started to look good to me from the moment I put those things on.

Rims and tires make it look much better.

Nice fat rear tires.

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