Turbo 2.3 motor installation

    I picked to go with this motor because of the rising gas prices and also to blow the doors off of some rice burners. I found the motor in an '86 Merker. The car was wrecked pretty bad but the motor looked like it was in good shape. This is the better of the turbo motors because of the 36 pound fuel injectors that came with it.

These are the first pictures I took after the installation.

    I hate V belts so I had to pick up a newer pulley configuration from a '90 four cylinder Mustang. They went on perfectly! I like the way this looks. I retained the original alternator mount for the V belt setup because I didn't want to have the newer style spring loaded belt tensioner.

Alternator mounted and serpentine pulleys installed. Still no transmission.

   After I had located a transmission in the junkyard out of a '90 four cylinder that had fairly low miles on it, I bought it for $50. The clutch was the most expensive part on the whole car! I spent $20 to machine the flywheel and then about $170 for a Ford Motorsport pressure plate, clutch disk and throw out bearing. OUCH! After that, it was smooth sailing from there on out. I installed the motor and trans on a set of donated motor mounts, Thanks Lee!

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